Forget Your PPC Agency: Paid Search Automation
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Explained in Fewer than 240 Words

Look, I detest blogs that self-aggrandize. I do. But whenever I talk about paid search automation I realize few marketers understand what I mean by that phrase. Either because most of us don’t think it’s possible–or because we don’t know this kind of technology exists.

Let’s make this simple.

Imagine every, single manual task you manipulate — in Bing or Google Ads — automated. And not automated as in “it maintains a campaign by doing a few things every day.”

No. I mean it can make practically every change that is physically possible to make.

Imagine all your paid search campaigns backed by powerful technology (A.I. and machine learning). And when I say “backed,” I mean algorithms that make bid adjustments in real-time. When I say “backed,” I mean rapid, nearly-asymptotic keyword expansion (while using single keyword ad groups). I mean building campaigns and expanding them, maintaining them. I mean driving up quality score, fine-tuning performance for your ideal targets, utilizing multiple conversion types…

The list goes on.

And it’s true: 99% of paid search automation platforms offer only simplistic automation.

But imagine a platform that makes an average of 260,000 campaign changes per month. That’s 2762 times more changes than the best team of paid media experts makes each month.

Well, imagine no more. Paid search optimization exists. The Finch Platform is one of kind.

Let’s adapt together.



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