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The FINCH TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM allows digital marketers to scale their businesses according to the goals that matter most to them.

The FINCH CUSTOMER SUCCESS MANAGEMENT (CSM) team collaborates with you on goal-setting and digital strategy execution to help your business grow.

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Who’s adapted with the FINCH technology platform?

Enabling digital marketers to achieve growth and scale through proprietary technology and best practices

Adapt with the FINCH technology platform

Optimization & Automation

Our proprietary software uses automation and optimization to enable brands and manufacturers to grow and scale their business online. We help our customers to increase efficiency and to achieve outstanding data-driven performance. The Finch Platform provides an additional layer of control over Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, and Display campaigns that simplifies driving sales online.

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Actionable Insights

Finch Insights Reporting is a customizable reporting engine that consolidates and aggregates data from multiple digital advertising campaigns into quick-view dashboards, high-level summary reporting, and low-level item reporting. It offers transparency and insights into data which is not available elsewhere in the market. Our customers can view how their digital marketing campaigns directly contribute to their business goals.

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Revolutionary Collaboration

Finch provides an unparalleled level of transparency into account activities and performance through a revolutionary software platform. We understand that our customers know their business best and want to work closely together to drive the results they are looking for. This collaboration is based on strategic, consultative best practices to help our customers better understand the nuances of their digital marketing campaigns.

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