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As a certified Google Premier and Bing Elite partner, we offer the industry’s best standards. From insights to optimization, we have you covered - even with Amazon.

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Our audit shows how the FINCH platform can automate and optimize each task in your paid media accounts. The FINCH platform’s ad group and keyword strategies scale your business goals beyond what is manually possible. The platform automates bid adjustments, keyword expansion, and offers real-time updates—giving you actionable insights into your competitive landscape.

We’ll give you report access so you can view it at any time. We’ll also assign one of our platform experts to go over the results.


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Full insights into
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data history.

Ideal outcomes and
strategic opportunities
in your current account.

Transparency into
what the FINCH
platform can fully offer you.

Insights into what
it’s like to become a FINCH customer.

We’ll also give you an analysis of every keyword in your account—with CPC recommendations for your top performing keywords. We’ll show you additional growth opportunities and advise you on how to leverage your Google, Bing, or Amazon campaigns.

Best of all? This feedback comes from one of our certified specialists. You can keep and view your report for as long as you want (no expiration). We’ll deliver the results safely and securely.


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