Selling on Amazon is a must today.  If you’re not on Amazon, you risk not getting found.

But even if you’re on Amazon and selling, can you do better? Can you tap into those product searches to drive awareness for your brand and fill the top of your funnel more effectively?

The answer: Sponsored Brands.

In this webinar, Finch joins forces with Amazon to show you how and why Sponsored Brands is your next best move with Amazon Advertising.

Join the live webinar and:

  • Learn why Sponsored Products alone isn’t enough to fully grow your brand on Amazon.
  • Hear why Sponsored Brands is the key to creating brand awareness and attracting new customers.
  • Discover one company’s real-world use of Amazon Advertising with Sponsored Brands and the results!
  • Get answers to your questions straight from Finch and special guest Amazon. 

Jeremiah Haas

Head of Amazon Shopping Solutions, Finch

Jeremiah heads Finch’s team of Amazon Advertising experts and helps guide Amazon development on the Finch Advertising Management Platform. He and his team work daily with Amazon and Finch clients to actively drive the development and implementation of Finch client growth strategies through Amazon Advertising. When not immersed in digital marketing, Jeremiah can be found playing football or basketball, enjoying time with friends, or traveling.

Tommy Wong

Partner Development Manager, Amazon Advertising

Tommy has more than a decade of experience in the advertising industry. He’s been with Amazon for 3 years where he consults independent agencies on Amazon Advertising with a focus on Sponsored Ads. He helps agencies scale and grow, adopt new product features, navigate through the product landscape, and develop Amazon Advertising. When not at work, Tommy spends his time traveling and sampling local cuisines.

This webinar will not be recorded.
Attend live or miss out!

Comments from Past Attendees

“Loved that the webinar was short and contained some very useful info. Much appreciated!”

“Thank you for hosting the webinar. The speakers were great. I found the depth 

of the content excellent. Nice food for thought.”

“I don’t actually attend a lot of webinars, but am very glad I took the time

for this one. I got some good ideas I can actually use.”

Live Webinar Only (No Recording) | June 29, 2021 | 10 a.m. MT 

Adding Sponsored Brands:

Your Next Best Move on Amazon Advertising


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