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Demand-Side Platforms 101.

How DSPs Work

DSPs replace manual ad buying with automated, real-time bidding. Learn what’s happening behind the scenes from ad selection to delivery.

DSP Terminology

From Ad Server to RTB - learn the language of the least known method of digital advertising - DSP.

How DSPs Use Data

Take a look under the hood of the complex DSP algorithm and learn how DSPs use data to target audiences and bid efficiently (and automatically).

Meet the Authors

Alexander Kennedy

Alex holds a BA in Psychology and Consumer Psychology, experienced in driving growth for Fortune 50 brands, and leads Finch’s digital advertising efforts to help clients grow revenues using display and programmatic advertising.

Global Display Product Specialist

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Webinar Exclusive
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1-on-1 with our DSP + Social Experts.

Jace Medsker

Display Product Specialist

Jace is Display Product Specialist at Finch with years of experience in agency paid media buying and white label lead generation. He's skilled at helping clients achieve growth goals, specializing in Display and Demand-Side Platforms.

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