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Meet the Speakers

Alexander Kennedy
Global Display Product Specialist, FINCH

Alex holds a BA in Psychology and Consumer Psychology. He's experienced in driving growth for Fortune 50 brands and leads Finch’s digital advertising efforts to help clients grow revenues using Display and Programmatic Advertising.

What You'll Learn.

As more iOS users opt-out of tracking, display advertising through DSPs can provide more transparency, predictability, and a higher ceiling for retargetable audience sizes. In Finch’s latest webinar “Audience Validation And Retargeting In A Post iOS 14.5 World” we break down the best ways to retarget social media audiences post-iOS 14.5 using our unique DSP + Social Strategy.

Learn how Finch clients are overcoming tracking opt-outs with our latest multi-channel strategy that uniquely leverages the strengths of each channel.

Audience Validation
& Retargeting in
a Post-iOS 14.5 World


Finch's DSP + Social Strategy

See our strategy in action with real data from Finch clients and discover what our DSP + Social Strategy could look like for you.

Explore Real Client Data

Predictable Growth Formula

Take the unpredictability out of social media and DSP advertising with our “Growth Predictability Formula”.

David Gray
Global Paid Social Product Specialist, FINCH

David is a Law and Business Graduate from Trinity College Dublin, experienced in paid social advertising for global brands like 2k Games, and leads Finch’s social media advertising team.

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