Predictable growth for 12 months and longer.

At Finch, we’ve spent more than a decade perfecting data-driven strategies for eCommerce brands across verticals and the globe. All our learnings and best practices are reflected in our growth plans which are custom-assembled for our clients and integrated into the platform.

Step 1: Build Predictable Growth Plan
A custom 12-month growth plan sets its sights on achievable growth, based on the brand’s goals and constraints and includes advanced channel strategies.

Step 2: Deploy and Track Progress
Remove the spreadsheets, see your entire plan in a visual timeline. With the Finch platform, you always know at a glance how much progress you made and what comes next.

Step 3: Take Action
With the unique integration of our reporting engine and project management tools, you can easily turn side-by-side performance data into actionable tasks - and big wins.

Transparent collaboration
on a new level.

When working with external partners, it can be challenging to stay on top of essential tasks and to be in control.

With Finch, it’s different. With just one look at the Finch Platform, you know exactly which campaigns have been implemented, on which channel, how they are performing, what steps to follow, and who is responsible.

With the Finch platform, you can also access all workflows spanning multiple ad platforms, marketplaces, regions, and teams. You can dive deep into all-channel reports, tailored to your needs from detailed product-level insights to a birds-eye view of your progress.

Open Finch. Close the tabs. Boost your productivity.

Back in the day, our team used to spend their days jumping between project management tools, reporting dashboards, and folder systems in equal measure. Our solution? We built an integrated project management plus reporting platform designed specifically to keep eCommerce teams on point.

With the Finch platform, your team can set a strategy, streamline workflows, manage performance, assign tasks, and keep track of campaign goals backed by real-time reporting. The more complex your advertising setup is, and the more channels and languages it includes, the more you will benefit from the Finch Platform: everything you need to know is in one place.