One growth goal. Multiple channels.
Aligned tactics.

The journey of our customers leads them from the top to the bottom of the funnel, across multiple channels. With our agnostic approach, we make sure that you reach them wherever they are.

Our Strategy? Any Channel. Any Time.
With a data-driven custom strategy designed specifically for you & your customers, we only have one goal in mind: your growth. We make sure you use the right channels to achieve it - configured, deployed, and measured in our platform.

With the Finch platform, you have everything in one place: your cross-channel growth plan, your performance within each ad platform, your side-by-side reports across channels, and your daily tasks necessary to support the plan.

Join the channel
agnostic movement.

What does being channel-agnostic mean to us? It means we follow the wins.

Our deep expertise in nearly every major advertising channel makes us truly independent from the marketplaces themselves. Our close partnerships with the leading advertising platforms give us access to beta programs, new features, and proprietary insights from across the industry. This empowers us to chart our own course - and help our clients do the same.

We focus exclusively on the success of our clients, and build growth plans for the best possible outcomes. With our agnostic and transparent approach, we include the channels, marketplaces, and technologies needed for that - no more and no less.

In-depth domain expertise
for in-depth results.

eCommerce brands today might feel like they need a crystal ball and an army of experts covering every channel.

With our team of product specialists and domain experts, you may not be able to see the future, but you’ll be able to:

  • have experts on-call for all your major channels like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Amazon, The Tradedesk, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and more
  • stay on top of ad platform changes and offerings
  • have access to proven campaigns strategies & tactics

At Finch, we back you up with in-depth domain know-how that makes a true difference in a highly competitive landscape.