The Finch platform is known for automation, but when it comes to our people—employees and customers—we take a manual approach. That’s why our entire U.S. team traveled to Las Vegas last week for a regional summit.

Gathering in a conference room at the Mob Museum (which makes perfect sense when your summit theme is “Together”), we explored the future of our business, our company culture, and of course, the reason we exist: our customers.


After hearing from every Finch department about their recent accomplishments and goals for the future, we broke into groups and discussed the results of our individual personality tests. This helped shed light on our preferred communication styles, workplace attitudes, and ways we can all work better together. 

Then, for fun, our groups competed in a scavenger hunt around the Mob Museum before we all went to check in at The Palazzo for some rest and a nice dinner—also together.

On day two, the focus of the summit shifted to company culture. We explored questions about how happy our people are and what we can improve. The consensus was that Finch is a culture-driven company that gives every employee a voice while encouraging personal growth, critical thinking, and work-life balance. The executive team agreed they want all of us “Finchers” to feel like this is the best job we’ve ever had—but not the easiest!

In the end, everyone left Vegas feeling lucky to work for Finch, excited to go the extra mile for our customers, and happy to be doing it (as you may have guessed) together.

We look forward to the future.