Last week Finch had the opportunity to sponsor the Digital Growth Unleashed Conference in Las Vegas. Digital Growth Unleashed is a two-day event for digital marketers to expand their knowledge base and obtain a better understanding of how to positively affect their entire marketing funnel.



During these two days, our team of experts were flooded with new faces that wanted to educate themselves on the Finch platform. These conversations brought up a lot of questions around the topic of paid media and how Finch is changing the programmatic paid media landscape. Our team was eager to discuss how Finch could help people grow their business. Finch’s platform automates, simplifies, and optimizes your key business objectives—turning the complexity of paid media into your competitive advantage.

Our Finch experts offered a free Adwords analysis to those who were interested in learning how to make their AdWords accounts more profitable. The account analysis gives our potential clients a break down of their competitive landscape, keyword bank analysis, growth opportunities, CPC recommendations, and much more. It gets into the depth of how our unique single keyword ad structure not only gives you the most actionable data for modifiers but can actually positively affect your quality score.

For those of you who were unable to attend our event, we are offering a free account analysis for those interested in making your accounts more profitable.