The landscape for online shopping has changed. This especially affects the holiday season where shopping is the name of the game. Instead of rushing around the malls and getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to get the best deal, nowadays, people are armed with all the information they need in the comfort of their own home and even in the palm of their hand. Paid search plays an integral role, providing shoppers with their most preferred channel for gift inspiration.1 See below for a helpful calendar for highest search and spend days.

Holiday retail sales are projected to hit $868 Billion in the US this season.2 The ample opportunity to research products and services makes shoppers much smarter about what they want, need and desire. Call it cross-channel, multi-channel, cross-device or omni-channel shopping, the point is people are shopping in multiple ways these days: in-store, mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop. You need to be ready for all of it.

This is all great news: it makes it easier for shoppers to spend. The multi-channel shopper spends 75% more on holiday purchases than the traditional in-store shopper.3 This paradigm shift has created both challenges and opportunities. Savvy retailers must strategize to increase their revenues through optimized shopping experiences in all channels to take advantage of the opportunities. Not to mention this holiday season has a short 31 days between Black Friday and Christmas. This along with a late Hanukkah, this year’s last-minute shopping surge has the potential to be very strong this year. It’s all too easy to get lost in the complexity of competition without automation and expertise on your side.

Search is the marketer's secret weapon for enabling multi-channel shopping. It’s the ultimate gift guide that’s available to all people on all devices and at all times. To get your search channels ready: grab attention on the search page with product ads, compete for best ad positioning and branded-term bidding. Create action with ad extensions and shopping campaigns.

To better understand how and when to strategize, Bing put together a handy calendar forecasting the top mobile search days, desktop search days and top spend days for the 2016 holiday season. This can help you ramp up your search and shopping by getting a competitive strategy in place.

For more information about how you can optimize your Search and Shopping best, Finch can help. Contact us for a free 12- point analysis of your accounts to see where we can help you automate to keep the lights on during the upcoming holiday season!


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