Bjorn published his eBook outlining the AdWords strategies eCommerce companies must employ to grow revenue and profit with PPC.

If this eBook were written as a tweet, it would read: 

Buy profit not acquisitions. AdWords must be a sales channel, not an ad expense. See how one company increased revenue by 310% and profit by 169%!

While a tweet sounds intriguing, this eBook goes into detail about each of the steps necessary to accomplish this. This strategy addresses the unique requirements eCommerce companies have for PPC. Specifically, managing the complexity of offering multiple products, each with different prices and profit margins, and setting the right cost targets.


The key to this strategy, as laid out in the eBook, is to shift away from focusing on Conversions and Acquisitions, and move to Revenue and Profit instead. You’ll have to go read the eBook for all the details, but here are the major topics Bjorn covers:


•  Performance Measurement for PPC
•  It’s all about the Outcome
•  Capturing the right Data
•  The Quantitative and Competitive Case for Buying Profit
•  Putting it all together

The eBook closes with a quick look at the results for one company that applied these strategies to their own AdWords efforts.

Download the eBook now, then start employing these strategies to grow revenue and profit with a free AdWords audit.