A few weeks ago there was a lot of press written on the new Google’s new Enhanced campaigns, however in most cases, Finch feels that there is no urgency for taking any specific action now.

Here is a short overview of the biggest changes and how they may impact you:


  • Mobile and Devices: The ability to bid specifically on clicks from mobile or tablets is no longer available. Basically this means that if you have separate mobile campaigns, these would be turned off or consolidated with another campaign. You do have the ability to lower (or raise) the bid for mobiles using a basic bid adjustment. This bid adjustment is set at the campaign level for mobile devices, but not available for tablets.
  • Context based ads: Show ads to your target audience based on location, device, and proximity to your physical location within the campaign. There is no action required by you on this change; however if you are migrating a mobile-only campaign, then you’ll want to take advantage of a new query string parameter called {device}, which Google will populate based on the click. This might be useful to adjust the style of the site based on PCs, Tablets, or Mobiles.
  • New conversion types: You will now have the ability to count Calls or Downloads as conversions in the new campaigns, and both are supported by the Google AdWords reports. Please speak with your Finch representative if these conversion types are applicable to your business.
  • Sitelinks: Previously this was a campaign-wide setting, however now you can set Sitelinks on an Ad Group level. Similarly to how the Finch campaign structure enables you to isolate high impression volume ads by keyword to optimize, this will enable you to customize Sitelinks for the high search volume ad groups.

Here is a link to the official Google Blog if you want more information about the new Enhanced campaigns: http://adwords.blogspot.it/2013/02/introducing-enhanced-campaigns.html