Changes AheadWe recently had a potential customer try Finch for one month and try a competitor for one month. They talked with us about their experience. The results of this trial were very telling.

After Finch took over their campaigns for a month, the client used the Adwords Change History tool to see that Finch had made over one thousand changes. We’re constantly updating bid amounts to fight for every click, meanwhile saving every possible penny by never over-bidding.


The competitor used an automated PPC management tool that was created for agencies managing multiple clients. At the end of the one month trial, the client counted 8 changes to their account. Eight!

To me, eight vs one thousand is just embarrassing. Actually - it’s infuriating that an agency would try to sign you to a contract and then charge you a monthly fee to make eight changes a month.

I’d suggest you do the same test with your current PPC team or agency. To do this, open your Adwords account and go to “Tools and Analysis >> Change History.” Select the time frame at the top and then look at the number of changes that occurred. Is your PPC agency making hundreds of changes a month to maximize your spending? Or just collecting a check?

Our complementary audit will actually show you what changes we’ll make to your account before we make them - including a sample of your keywords showing where you’re spending too little to get impressions or where you’re over-spending and wasting your budget. Take a look at the sample audit for an example.