Let Finch be a disruptive innovation for your PPC bid managementFinch provides a "disruptive innovation" for managing your maximum cost-per-clicks. It's called Cost per Value (CPV). Rather than focusing on the number of conversions you get, Finch focuses on the value of those conversions. Then we figure out how to earn the most value for your business and optimize accordingly.



The rest of the industry is focused on CPA - or Cost per Acquisition bidding - which sets a target price for each conversion and then focuses on getting conversions. Yet, what happens if you're not getting profitable conversions? For example, consider a vacation booking site where every conversion is worth a different amount. Some bookings will be for a discount room for 1 night while others will be for the presidential suite for a week. So why would you pay the same amount for these two types of conversions?

CPV gives you a clear advantage over CPA in targeting and optimizing your PPC for profitably. So why hasn't the rest of the market moved towards CPV? We at Finch believe that this a case of disruptive innovation, as explained in The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen from the Harvard Business School:

"Most new technologies foster improved product performance. I call these sustaining technologies. Some sustaining technologies can be discontinuous or radical in character, while others are of an incremental nature. What all sustaining technologies have in common is that they improve the performance of established products, along the dimensions of performance that mainstream customers in major markets have historically valued."1

PPC companies have invested heavily in building tools for managing PPC using a CPA model. They are now stuck improving and maintaining these tools. They don't want to move to a new model now because the old model is proven to work. Consultants and agencies are the same with their best practices, and their processes, and their Excel spreadsheets that have proven to work in the past. Like the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

"Disruptive technologies bring to a market a very different value proposition than had been available previously."1

A few years ago it wasn't possible to do value per conversion. But now Google provides value tracking; you should take advantage of it. The value proposition of CPV is incredible, focusing on conversions that earn more revenue, profits, or any one single business metric. This is so much better than focusing on getting conversions that may or may not have value.

"Products based on disruptive technologies are typically cheaper, simpler, smaller, and frequently more convenient to use."1

Finch's business model is different with no upfront payments and no long term contract. Also, with Finch you don’t have to spend time learning new processes. Finch only requires Google conversion tracking, and you can see your performance through the Google Adwords interface.

Finch can be a disruptive innovation to your competition. By using Finch and CPV, your PPC will be much more competitive, reliable, and profitable. In the next 2-5 years everyone will be optimizing for value - but you can get ahead of your competition by getting started with Finch today.


1. Clayton Christensen (1997), “The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail” (p. xviii).