Most SEO experts will tell you to focus your SEO program on a limited number of terms you want to rank; often 5-10 terms. How do you pick the terms you should rank? Chances are, you will pick the most competitive terms that are generic for your industry. Maybe you’ll go after some niche terms that are less competitive, but consult with www.google.com/trends to make sure there is search volume to be had.


Using PPC to turbo charge your SEO

Your Google AdWords account may give you the answers you are looking for in picking SEO search terms to try to rank. There is a good chance that you have a pretty good bank of keywords in your AdWords account that has a lot of golden data you can use. Your SEO program is about ranking for search terms that have high volume and that generate revenues for you, right? Assuming you have your AdWords account set up to track Value (Google’s term for dynamically tracking revenues from your shopping cart for each conversion -- Read Finch’s definition for CPV (Cost per Value)), the information is right in front of you:

  • Log into your AdWords account
  • Click on the Keywords tab
  • Sort by clicking on the Value column
  • Refer to the numbers in the Impressions column

This way you can identify the search terms that deliver the most revenues for YOUR site and that have the most search volume. Simple, easy, and incredibly effective!

One added benefit is that for each search done on Google, there is only one click to be had. Chances are that you are doing well on the PPC side, because that is where you selected the terms from; now you can rank high on organic search as well, which has a compound effect on your traffic. Read a post from Research Blog, the latest news on Google Research -- from March 27, 2012 -- Impact of Organic Ranking on Ad Click Incrementality.

The better optimized your PPC campaigns are for driving revenues, the more impact you will gain from doing this for your SEO program.