If Finch is the smartest PPC company, then who is the smartest PPC guy at Finch?

Did you say Bjorn Espenes? An excellent guess! Bjorn understands how profitable pay per click management can greatly improve your bottom line. Bjorn is a pay per click expert, and he also understands how a business is run. Bjorn has founded and run several businesses.

Did you say Eric Maas? Another excellent guess! Eric is a serial Internet entrepreneur and is the brains behind how Finch delivers its amazing performance. Eric has been the CTO and chief architect of systems capable of automating millions of online transactions.

The smartest PPC guy at Finch isn't actually one of the founders: It’s Finchbot! Finchbot is the artificial intelligence that powers Finch’s pay per click management software. Finchbot can analyze millions of keywords daily to accurately predict the cost of your next click – resulting in the most conversions possible. Plus, unlike Bjorn and Eric, Finchbot never sleeps, never takes a break, and never takes time out for a beer.