When I talk to people about what Finch does, I'm regularly asked the same question: "Does Finch set up new AdWords campaigns or only optimize PPC campaigns?"

I had the same question when I started with Finch. I asked Eric Maas, co-founder of Finch, about this, and he gave me a simple answer:

"The Finch PPC bidding engine is data driven. It takes conversion data to optimize a campaign, and you can't optimize from nothing."


lightbulb in my head

The light bulb in my head turned on. It's not terribly hard to start up a new campaign and add keywords. The hard part is getting the PPC optimization dialed in to make it profitable and then keep up with changes to stay profitable. That's why it makes so much sense to start a campaign, get some conversions, and then turn it over to Finch’s automated PPC tool. Plus, unlike other bidding tools that just aim for the top spot or require time to learn, Finch automatically places your ads where they get the most conversions or most revenue at your cost target.

What is surprising is that Finch can start to optimize with a limited amount of data - as little as 50 conversions. As it gets more data, it's able to improve bidding over time, but it can get started with a surprisingly little amount.