A lot of propeller heads are familiar with the historical account of the Luddites. If you're not, here’s the story:

In 1811 during the era of pre-industrial England, the Luddites were afraid that new mechanical looms would replace the need for highly skilled labor in the textile industry. Rather than adopting the new technology, they tried to fight it by smashing and burning the looms. Ever since then, “Luddite” has been used as a term for people who fear the automation of machines or computers in place of human action.

Most agencies or PPC companies are Luddites!


The problem continues in today’s society. Agencies and PPC companies are built around consulting hours, so they favor human processes rather than developing software and algorithms for automation. They don't want to adopt new technologies for automation, because that puts their jobs in danger or lowers the hours they can bill. Finch is different; we work for your best interest, and at the same time we're paid similar to a commission. Our automation helps us provide the best possible performance.