Here’s Why.

By Bjorn Espenes

First of all, let’s consider the concept of granularity. It’s not just a buzzword; granularity is everything in the paid media world in regards to performance. Most of us in paid media constantly pull levers in our Ad Groups, blindly “testing” a range of keywords. We’re convinced that, at some point, we’ll actualize the lift we want to see. And, to be fair, if you’re a decent PPC optimizer, you probably do see some success.  

But what if there were a way to test every keyword--instead of guessing which ones aren’t working?

Retail Global 2018 took place earlier this month in Las Vegas, NV. The Finch team came to share best practices, swap industry knowledge, and contribute to the evolving field of paid media.  Retail Global brings together hundreds of the best sales and marketing professionals. This show, in particular, was a great opportunity us to introduce the Finch platform to a new audience. We got to share how our technology has revolutionized our clients' paid media efforts. Attendees relished in Finch's unique ability to automate and optimize for Google, Bing, and Amazon.


Finch is proud to be an official Google Comparison Shopping Service Partner (CSS). But what does it fully entail? How does this partnership work? And what are the advantages for our clients?


A seasoned CMO at a local B2B tech company recently emailed me about their ongoing struggle with paid media. She said they’d tried several digital agencies but still couldn’t balance growth versus cost. Sound familiar?

The Finch platform is known for automation, but when it comes to our people—employees and customers—we take a manual approach. That’s why our entire U.S. team traveled to Las Vegas last week for a regional summit.

Gathering in a conference room at the Mob Museum (which makes perfect sense when your summit theme is “Together”), we explored the future of our business, our company culture, and of course, the reason we exist: our customers.