Effective digital advertising management solutions with automation and insights.

The FINCH platform offers full-funnel optimization and automation, orchestrating the entire buyer’s journey. Utilizing the entire FINCH platform creates an exponentially-growing funnel. Display audiences and campaign data inform both Search and Shopping, ensuring optimal communication throughout the entire marketing funnel. The FINCH platform captures data from each conversion and builds similar audiences, offering unprecedented results and scale.

We offer the following FINCH products within our platform:

The Finch software utilizes your historical campaign data,
automates all manual lever-pulling, and optimizes to reach your goals.


The FINCH platform expands your market in Google Shopping and other shopping networks. By optimizing with SKU-level targeting, your products appear in front of the right customer at the optimal buying time. By automating your daily tasks with the FINCH platform, you’ll save time and scale your account for long term success.

  • Programmatic bidding to optimize for custom business goals (CPA, ROAS, profit, and more)
  • Granularity and transparency at the keyword level for increased conversions
  • Increased market expansion across multiple shopping networks.


The FINCH platform links “top-of-funnel” Display tactics with “bottom-of-funnel” Search & Shopping data sets to offer 100% campaign transparency. The platform provides insights into your Display campaigns' effectiveness. It offers an optimized funnel performance built with accurate audience profiles. The platform continuously pushes your campaigns to adapt from its learning/optimization cycle.

  • Leverages audience data to maximize future success optimizing for bid, location, and device.
  • Correlates funnel activities and automates all campaign variables to leverage insights
  • Enables engagement at various funnel positions due to audience-specific bid modifiers
  • Ensures timely, optimized messaging regardless of funnel positions.


The FINCH platform leverages Prime membership data from Amazon to optimize for keywords and ads hosted on the Amazon network. It automates Amazon Ads Account Management, ensuring your sponsored products and product display ads show to the right customer at optimal times throughout the sales funnel.

  • Auto-builds and scales full Amazon product catalogs/campaigns.
  • Expands keyword bank and increases market share.
  • Creates granular campaign structure yielding actionable data.
  • Optimizes individual products for continued performance.


Curious how FINCH will change your game?