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The Finch Platform is digital marketing software that manages, automates, and optimizes campaigns in paid search and shopping across Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Display Networks. The Finch Platform structures historical conversion data at a granular level, which enables the platform to execute very precise campaigns in accordance with our clients’ unique business/performance goals. Finch’s Client Success Managers collaborate with clients to define campaign goals. Our clients are able to understand the nuances of all their digital marketing campaigns (across multiple advertising networks) to drive actionable results from a truly data-driven perspective.

We offer the following FINCH products within our platform:

The Finch Platform’s Insights Reporting feature offers transparency into past, current, and future campaign progress.


Finch Shopping utilizes automation and optimization at the SKU-level and is an ideal solution for businesses looking to scale online sales. Structuring campaigns at the SKU-level gives marketers the opportunity to make sure each of their products are optimized for both device and audience. Finch Shopping synchronously combines both brand awareness and product remarketing tactics for a cross-channel solution expanding throughout Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping, Amazon Sponsored Products, and various display networks. Finch Shopping allows for more control and campaign customization based on the performance goals that matter most to our clients.

  • Dynamic device and audience bid modifiers at the SKU-level due to Single Product Ad Groups.
  • Insights and full transparency into campaign functionality and performance.
  • Monitor and optimize across Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Advertising in one secure location.


Finch Display/DSP is a unique Display offering. We give clients access to DSPs that are usually too expensive and/or too complex for online advertisers to manage on their own. We provide them with the granularity and insights not seen elsewhere in the market. Additionally, Finch DSP delivers effective creative throughout many mediums such as Spotify audio targeting, video advertisements across new websites, native ads, and more. This process results in better campaign performance and linkage throughout the entire marketing funnel through metric-driven Display tactics and campaign insights reporting to improve execution and strategy.

  • Highly-customizable, accurate targeting options
  • Leverages multi-channel conversion data to build out audiences.
  • Access to DSPs such as The Trade Desk that may be difficult for smaller clients.
  • Consultative and strategic direction for creative execution and delivery.

Finch for Amazon Advertising

Finch for Amazon Advertising offers a fully-automated solution for Amazon Advertising. Our Sponsored Products & Brands solution allows sellers and vendors to drive additional revenue through Amazon at a target advertising cost of sales. Finch’s solution is extremely scalable and removes all pain from managing SKU-level sponsored product ads. It maximizes exposure of all products, driving sales using our ultra-granular SKU-level methodology with transparency and control at the product level. In addition, Finch Insights Reporting offers improved account management and comprehensive reporting not available on Amazon Advertising; for example, reporting on buy box eligibility or using product labels to drive performance.

  • Finch customers ensure an ideal cost-of-sales target while achieving their business goals and scaling.
  • Finch for Amazon Advertising reduces the complexity of Amazon Seller and Vendor Central by offering automation, control, and transparency at the SKU-level--offering both granular and high-level reporting.
  • Finch for Amazon allows clients to compare Amazon campaigns with their campaigns running on different advertising platforms and channels--all in one place--creating a larger, full-funnel marketing solution.
  • Finch’s Client Success Managers offer strategic, consultative services & use our Amazon solution to collaborate with you: defining campaign goals, objectives, and KPIs.


Daily updates, actionable data, optimized execution, unprecedented scale.


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