Strategic Services

Expert guidance to grow your eCommerce company online

Finch strategic services give you access to a team of customer success managers (CSMs) and paid media strategists.

Your CSM is your personal guide to growing your eCommerce business. She/he is there every step of the way to help you build a strategy to meet your business goals. And he/she helps you carry out your strategy using the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform to document your strategy, set tasks to achieve it, and measure and communicate progress.

Add Expertise

Having a Finch Strategist working for you is like adding expertise. You access experts who offer ideas, fill gaps in your strategy, and keep you informed through regular business reviews.

In-Depth Knowledge and Expert Oversight

Finch CSMs:

  • Are experts in paid media management.
  • Come from industry backgrounds that include Google, paid media agencies, and in-house roles.

With Finch, you get more than a CSM as your point of contact. You also get access to an extended team of dedicated paid media strategists that support your CSM.

Finch product strategists specialize in individual channels and platforms. They keep you in touch with information, trends, and ideas to stay ahead of your competition.

Whether you use Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and/or demand-side platforms (DSPs) or paid search, shopping, and/or display, you have a whole team of expert strategists working for you.

I had the privilege of working with some of the most successful Google partners as part of the Google Marketing Solutions team for the Nordics. I joined Finch because it was the partner that really had a completely different vision for automation and of what every advertiser today will need to be successful in the future.
— Karoliina Heinonen, Vice President, Client Success, Finch
We would like to focus on our daily business. And to rely on experts in that segment is really important for us.
— Sina Ataei, LIQUI MOLY

What to Expect from Your Finch Strategist

  • Analysis of your business goals and KPIs
  • Turning your goals into an actionable strategy and the tasks needed to accomplish it and that you and your CSM track with Finch Collaboration
  • Regular monitoring of your campaigns to identify opportunities to maximize budget and accelerate growth and KPIs
  • Regular live reviews of your campaign performance, so you stay informed
  • Quarterly or bi-annual strategic business reviews to review longer-term performance and refine your strategy as needed
  • Regular communication on campaign and performance status, opportunities, and more so you know what’s happening with your campaigns and budget and how they’re being optimized

Your CSM provides both regular campaign management and management for promotional or seasonal campaigns that require more rapid adjustments of creative assets, bids, and other performance factors.

How CSMs Work with You and the Finch Platform

Your CSM works with you to create your strategy or refine your existing strategy. You both then use the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform to capture goals and the steps or tasks needed to carry out your strategy and to track how things are progressing.

Optimization lets you and/or your CSM set thresholds based on your strategy. It then automatically optimizes your campaigns — continually and at scale.

Insights reporting and your CSM keep you informed about how your strategy is working. It also lets you find opportunities to make data-driven decisions that drive true growth.

Collaboration is a unique workflow management tool purpose-built for digital marketing. You and your Finch CSM use it to document, discuss, manage, and track your strategy and its implementation.

Collaboration and Insights work together to help you and your CSM drive growth in a way not possible with other platforms and services.

Agile Collaboration Anytime

Finch Collaboration is a workflow management engine. Finch clients and CSMs use it to document, discuss, act on, and deliver digital marketing strategies that drive growth. You turn your strategy into goals with specific objectives and tasks and work together easily, online, anytime.


Advertising Management Platform

The Finch Platform is an online software solution. You and your CSM use the platform to automate and optimize your digital advertising activities, access detailed actionable insights, and collaborate to turn your strategy into reality.