Get more of your products in front of the right customers at the right time. The FINCH platform optimizes your continued success by tracking the right metrics. Our proprietary softwares uses AI and machine learning to automate each manual process in your campaign. No more pulling levers, no more manual adjustments.

Customize campaign decisions.

The FINCH platform ensures shoppers see your products at the optimal time throughout the sales funnel. You’ll also expand to a larger market with the power of automation. Additionally, the FINCH platform uses programmatic bidding to drive conversions. This strategy allows you to customize campaign decisions for your unique business goals.

The FINCH platform optimizes and adjusts with every conversion you receive. It performs daily (re)calculations for bid adjustments, device optimization, and performance history. Your campaigns grow stronger over time as the FINCH platform gathers more data from your buyers. Track your campaign profitability, optimize your spend. The FINCH platform exists to make your shopping campaigns simpler and more successful.


Best of all, you’re never alone. We’re here to reduce the complexity of paid media, both with our technology and our expertise. Our award-winning Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are masters of the FINCH platform. They help each client set up goals that are most relevant and unique to their business. Paid search strategy is unique for each client. Our CSM team is available for continued support and advice. The end result is a tour-de-force of machine automation and strategy-driven expertise. Guaranteed, we’ll impact your business.


Curious how FINCH will change your game?