Paid Search

Reduce the complexity of paid search and make the channel more effective than ever before. The FINCH platform takes a unique, customizable approach to Paid Search. We’ve pioneered a method that’s gained Google’s respect and set the standard for the channel.

Data informs data.

The FINCH platform’s proprietary software optimizes for your continued success. It automates your campaign architecture, ensuring increased performance and productivity. The FINCH platform builds paid search campaigns at the most granular level possible. Focusing on exact match keywords in single keyword ad groups ensures a continued, higher performing campaign.

By automating keyword expansion and bidding, our platform identifies exactly which terms result in conversions. By optimizing and expanding your exact match keyword bank, you’ll yield more conversions at an uncharted pace. Our process systematically optimizes and automates your entire approach to paid search.


Best of all, you’re never alone. We’re here to reduce the complexity of paid media, both with our technology and our expertise. Our award-winning Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are masters of the FINCH platform. They help each client set up goals that are most relevant and unique to their business. Paid search strategy is unique for each client. Our CSM team is available for continued support and advice. The end result is a tour-de-force of machine automation and strategy-driven expertise. Guaranteed, we’ll impact your business.


Curious how FINCH will change your game?