Paid Search

A truly data-driven solution.

Finch Search provides powerful, automated, data-driven platform solutions enabling you to focus on strategy, execution, and reaching your business goals.

Our solution offers automated quality score improvement + keyword expansion so you can better understand your audiences and reduce the amount of crucial, time-consuming tasks you need to stay competitive.

Manage Paid Search Data with Ease

Paid Search demands that marketers be in full control of their data through automation in order to better analyze it and make decisions. As opposed to automated solutions that “do everything for you,” marketers need to have full control over their automation, to drive the results that matter. Managing paid search effectively is more than just optimizing for bids.

Finch Search creates a granular data structure with Single Keyword Ad Groups. It automates bid modifiers and optimizes for multiple audiences across many different devices. The Finch platform uses a process called Dynamic Search Term Insertion to automate Exact Match keyword expansion and traffic, furthering a client’s Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Ad Platform-Neutral, Cross-Channel Optimization

Finch Search optimizes your Paid Search campaigns across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our solution provides you with more control over every aspect--big and small--of your campaigns. Finch Search allows you to make decisions at the keyword level, increasing quality score and campaign rank over time--as well as driving conversions.


Curious how FINCH will change your game?

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