Finch for Amazon Advertising

Fully-Automated Ad Management Solution

Finch for Amazon Advertising allows you to achieve your business goals while operating at a target advertising cost of sale (or metrics that matter most for your business). We offer fully-automated solutions for Amazon Advertising. Additionally, our platform and experts create orchestrated strategies for Sponsored Brands & Products.

Transparency at the SKU-Level for Ideal Campaign Management

Finch for Amazon Advertising drives product sales using our ultra-granular SKU-level methodology. Receive unprecedented transparency and control at the product level. Replete with bidding automation to boost performance, Finch for Amazon Advertising Advertising and is a large competitive advantage.

Gain on-demand insights reporting:

Finch for Amazon Advertising offers improved account management and comprehensive insights reporting not available on Amazon Advertising. Our Insights reporting allows you to gain full transparency into your Amazon campaigns--which, otherwise, remain trapped within a convoluted reporting system. Insights Reporting allows you to monitor Amazon campaigns in the same reporting dashboard as your campaigns running on other platforms and channels.

Strategic, Consultative Services

Digital marketers find it difficult to define the right goals and KPIs for their Amazon Advertising strategy. Finch’s Client Success Managers (CSMs) are experts with Amazon Advertising. By working with our platform, Finch CSMs will collaborate with you to define your campaign goals, objectives, and KPIs while running at the ideal advertising cost of sales target.