Finch Display

Leverage Audience Data for Display Targeting

Finch Display structure is based on granular audience data points. We use your historical search and shopping data to power Display campaigns. This tactic generates more valuable impressions and drives stronger performance across banner, video, native, audio, and CTA ad placement.

Predictable ROI from Hyper-Targeted Audiences

Finch’s philosophy is that Display is better as a hyper-targeted channel. We use your historical search and shopping data to create more powerful audiences to drive conversions through the Display channel across GDN and multiple Display Networks.

Additionally, you gain access to dynamic DSP networks.

Demand Side Platforms are expensive to use and overly complicated. We also provide access to third-party DSP networks with a unique customization, dynamic reach, and superior targeting capabilities.

Consultative, strategic direction for creative execution and delivery.

Finch experts offer sound advice in regards to creative components for successful Display campaigns. Our strategic approach ensures you get the biggest return from your creative assets’ performance across the channel.


Curious how FINCH will change your game?

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