Automate your entire Amazon channel with the power of the FINCH Platform. By leveraging Amazon membership data, you can build a fast-growing channel. But it’s difficult to yield desired results. Especially if you’re trying to balance costs, manually-manage accounts, and drive revenue. But, with automation, you can start automating and customizing your efforts with Amazon.

Optimize individual levels of performance for each of your products.

The FINCH platform empowers you to auto-build and scale your Amazon products and campaigns. You can increase your product visibility with the platform’s keyword expansion tactics. Our platform uses proprietary technology to automate exact match keyword strategy. It ensures your products find the right user as they search.

Our platform also simplifies the complex amount of Amazon information and automates all manual tasks. With the FINCH platform, you can optimize individual levels of performance for each of your products. Imagine having the time to focus on creating strategy and driving sales. Without having to spend your time pulling levers and manually-adjusting for each product.


Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are Amazon gurus. They’re also masters of the FINCH platform. They’re available for campaign advice, goal setting, and performance reviews of your campaigns. Plus, with their vast knowledge base, they’ll be able to customize each of your goals. They have an uncanny ability to sense which goals are most relevant for your unique business needs.


Curious how FINCH will change your game?