Finch is proud to be an official Google Comparison Shopping Service Partner (CSS). But what does it fully entail? How does this partnership work? And what are the advantages for our clients?



2017 Was an Interesting Year.

It’s no secret. We all know Google got into a bit of trouble. They favored Google Shopping on the SERP, making it unfair for the competition. Even worse, these actions violated antitrust laws. Thus, in 2017, the European Commission imposed a record-breaking penalty of € 2.4 billion against Google. To make amends, Google decided to launch the Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) program. Now it's possible for price comparison sites, agencies, and tech providers to be an official Google CSS partner. The certification process is similar to that of Google Analytics and Ads. The Finch team did its due diligence and received CSS certification. We’re proud to offer comprehensive benefits to our customers.

What changed?

All shopping ads appearing in Google's main search results are part of Google’s CSS program. It’s similar to other price comparison platforms that use a bidding auction. It also competes with other CSSs that bid on behalf of traders. For Google users, the difference is hardly noticeable. The only visible change is the added "By" line at the bottom of the ad. This text indicates the name of the shopping source platform.



What are the benefits for merchants?

Despite these changes, the situation did not improve for traditional comparison shopping sites. Visibility didn’t significantly increase. Shopping sites found it difficult to convince merchants to partner with them. Thus, they had to keep their margins very low.

To avoid a potential € 4 billion additional penalty, Google had to make more changes. Starting November 1, 2018, Google will offer ad credits to merchants who move their products to a CSS Partner. Depending on ad spend, merchants receive up to 32.000 € per month for the same traffic! Curious about how this might affect your business’ bottom line? Find more specific information, read this article from Google.

Here’s a list of benefits for existing merchants:

Monthly Ad Spend

Ad Credits per month until 31st October

Ad Credits per month from 1st November to 31st December

500 € - 2.500 €



2.500 € - 10.000 €



> 10.000 €

30% (up to 32.000 €)

5% (up to 32.000 €)


New merchants receive 100% Spend Match: up to € 500 in the first month (only if partnering with a certified CSS partner).

Next steps

Finch has launched our own CSS to continue to provide the best service to our customers. By partnering with Finch, you’ll have all the advantages. We’ll offer you more than just Google CSS partner status. We have a team of industry-leading experts who are always ahead of the curve. The Finch platform automates the complexity of all paid media efforts. Also, our industry-leading team has experience in managing and optimizing shopping campaigns. Our experts have a proven track record: we won the Google Award for Best Shopping Performance in EMEA. Our proven history (combined with the new Google CSS Partner opportunities) promote our customers' products in the best way.


When it comes to implementation, switching to CSS is rather easy. You can share your product data within a separate Merchant Center. And don’t worry, we’ll create for that you. Then we will use the inventory in your Merchant Center to buy clicks on your behalf.

Benefit now from lower CPCs, kickback on Adspend, and a higher chance of exposure on the result page.

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