Recently Tim Ash, CEO of Sitetuners, did an interview on Conversion Rate Optimization.  Tim is the guru when it comes to Landing Page Optimization and his company can make sure your landing pages are getting the best conversions possible.

 He said, in regards to companies running AdWords campaigns, that "You need to look at the man behind the curtain, it could be a Wizard of Oz situation. Some pay-per-click management firms in particular, I don't trust their technology, it's still a lot of account rep time.  But, there's one specifically, especially for e-commerce.....Finch has really nailed that whole programmatic buying thing for pay-per-click on AdWords."   (from the 18:35 mark)

While Landing Page Optimization is important, it is not the only optimization process you can look at in optimizing your AdWords campaign. Traffic, ads and landing pages are three key components in optimizing your campaigns.  Traffic optimization is crucial because you want to limit your losses by reducing the spend on money-losing keywords.  On the flip-side, you want to boost the the volume on higher converting keywords.  This could be a difficult task for companies that have thousands of keywords and not enough manpower to adjust every keyword in the campaign.

The volume of impressions and traffic that is coming through your higher converting keywords will increase your opportunities to test your ads and then will push more traffic to make sure your landing pages are converting.  All three parts of optimizing your campaigns work together.  If you only are focusing on your landing page and not receiving the best traffic, you will have a difficult time understanding what is the best way to optimize your landing page.

Finch is the pay-per-click management company that has "nailed" the programmatic buying for AdWords. Our free audit will give you detailed information on which keywords are low or high performing and where you should start optimizing.  We will tell you what should change and why.