Fall is in full-swing—apple cider, pumpkins and pumpkin lattes! As we head into the holiday buying season, we know you are busy putting the final touches on your marketing plans for this all important last quarter of the year. Beating out your competition and winning more of your customers will bring you increased revenue and profit. We want to help you make this your best holiday season ever!

As your prepare to polish your AdWords plans, allow us to suggest a couple of areas that will help you turn AdWords into a profit-generating machine!


Google Shopping Campaigns

Google just made the migration final just a month ago. While it doesn’t change the experience for end users, the new Shopping Campaigns give you more tools to drive performance using data. PLAs have long been an excellent channel for retailers to win more customers. We recently published a new eBook that explores the differences with the new Google Shopping Campaigns and the strategies you need to take advantage of them.

Complete Keyword Coverage

Keyword Coverage is often an overlooked and undermanaged portion of every AdWords account. Your keyword bank represents your market opportunity and an incomplete account is leaving revenue and profit on the table for your competitors. The more complete your keyword bank is, the more you are able to compete effectively!

There are 2 ways you can ensure you have complete keyword coverage: connecting to your product catalog and inserting search terms that convert. Connecting your product catalog to AdWords ensures that you have an accurate representation of all the products you carry right inside of AdWords. This XML connection directly to AdWords makes it easy to maximize your market opportunity. Inserting search terms that converts, through Dynamic Search Term Insertion, ensures you are continually growing your keyword bank with terms that generate revenue and profit. In addition to expanding your market opportunity, DSTI will also improve performance lower your costs by inserting the keywords as [Exact Match] keywords.

Bidding for Profit or Revenue, not clicks

Each keyword contributes to revenue and profit differently. Actually, each match type for every keyword contributes differently. When you start looking at your account in terms of profit and revenue, you begin to see how you can do this differently to generate more of what you actually want. Armed with the profit and revenue data for individual keywords, you can begin setting the bids to maximize your revenue and profit, rather than simply setting bids based on the average generated by a larger group of keywords. This concept is the very heart of competing on AdWords and turning your all of your PPC efforts into a profit machine. 

We have outlined this strategy in an ebook title: Buying Profit by the Click, download your own copy.

Remarketing for Search

Remarketing for search has been out for a little over a year, but has been a great success, for those that have implemented it at least! Effectively target your return customers by increasing your bids based on how they have interacted with you previously. If a Search user has visited your site previously, perhaps their click is worth more and you adjust the bid by 20%; if they have viewed several product pages, maybe they are worth a bid that is 50% higher; if they have something currently in the cart on your site a bid of 100% higher is justified; and so on. When you combine this capability with very granular bid you have a killer strategy.

Ad Extensions

Trick out your ads with all of the features Google provides. This will increase your AdRank and give you additional real estate on the SERP page, increasing your chances of winning the click. There are many Ad Extensions and features that you can enable on your account. In many cases having Ad Extensions enabled can improve your AdRank, increasing your chances of winning a click.

Start with an Audit

Want to see how prepared you are for this holiday season? Run a free AdWords audit. We will take a detailed look at your historical performance and give you specific suggestions on ways to improve and grow your revenue and profit this year!


- Brad