Every day at Finch we speak with many ecommerce business owners, executives and online marketing professionals about their AdWords programs. These discussions are driven by pain points and opportunities they feel exist in their programs which often leads the dialog here:

  • I need to keep my current campaign structure to have control
  • I do not want to pay Google for my branded terms
  • My strategy is to be aggressive with assisted clicks
  • Blah blah blah…

The problem with heading down this path is it’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; it makes you feel good, but the inevitable is just ahead—losing sales to the competition; also known as failure!


It is mindboggling to me that companies continue to pay internal staff and agencies to move the deck chairs instead of investing in the radar and guidance systems to steer them through these dangerous waters. It is time to stop rearranging the chairs and focus on something that will change the outcome in a big way.

What if you could guide your AdWords efforts based on how much profit you make? What if you could tell Google, “I will pay $.50 for every $1 in profit I make”? It’s possible today and if you drive transactions with AdWords you should be doing it.

To be successful, you must change the way you think about and approach AdWords: you are not buying clicks, you are buying the outcome of the clicks. You need to bid on the resulting profits!

A guide is essential to navigating the waters toward maximum profitability. The amount you are willing to bid on AdWords for $1 in profit is your guide. Armed with this guide, every decision regarding campaign structures, branded terms, search funnels, keyword expansion, and any other feature will now be measured and prioritized against this guide.

Clearly defining success creates the guide, the guide enables prioritization of efforts, which naturally results in better performance.

Learn more about steering clear of ship-sinking icebergs by joining our webinar: 5 Surefire Ways to Kill Your Competition with Google AdWords.

Deck Chairs photo by Andrew Malone