Finch’s methodology for optimizing ads is brilliant at improving Click Through Rate, because it isolates the ad variables. This allows you to work on the ads with the highest impressions and lowest CTR. A little work improving your ads goes a long way in improving your CTR and quality score.

Want to know a secret? The same methodology can be applied to improving your landing pages. Which landing pages need work? AdWords will tell you!

  1. Log into Google AdWords
  2. Click on the Finch campaign that you want to work on
  3. Click on the “Dimensions” tab
  4. Change the View to “View: Destination URL”
  5. Sort by Impressions

Here are some things to look for:

  1. Which landing pages have dramatically lower Conversion Rates? Add Conv. rate to your view (either 1- or many-per-click). (Columns >> Customize columns)
  2. Which landing pages aren’t getting clicks? If you have pages that aren’t getting many or any clicks, there is most likely a problem with the ad.
  3. For customers measuring Cost per Value, add the Cost and Total conv. value columns to your view. Are there pages that are driving a lot of cost but not bringing in their value? Are the pages not relevant to the keyword or ad?

By improving the conversion rate of pages, not only are you making more sales immediately, you’re also improving your ad ranking over time which leads to less expensive clicks, higher placed ads, more clicks, and the cycle continues.