Private-equity firm Boathouse Capital announced that it has completed a growth investment in Finch.

“When we first met with the Finch executive team, we immediately understood how industry-defining the Finch Platform will continue to become. Finch has already done amazing work for current clients. With this investment, they’ll put the finishing touches on automation software, synchronizing the entire paid media funnel for all their customers. It’s guaranteed to push the entire digital marketing industry into a bright future,” said Bill Dyer, General Partner, Boathouse Capital.

Boathouse Capital’s investment is Finch’s first outside funding. Finch plans to use the investment money to grow its software development, marketing, and sales initiatives. By harnessing the power of AI, the Finch Platform provides clarity into the complicated landscape of paid media. It also reduces marketing data complexity and provides unique, data-driven insights into paid media campaigns. 

“This investment is exactly what will enable Finch to further its technological developments and enable more advertisers to benefit from our platform’s automation and insights capabilities. We’ve spent a decade fine-tuning and re-imagining what’s possible with paid media. We’re planning to grow aggressively over the next few years by increasing our platform capabilities and holistic paid media solutions,” said Bjorn Espenes, CEO, Finch.