OMR Reviews is a European B2B software review site similar to G2 in the US. On the site, companies can find and review B2B software in a variety of categories and help other companies pick the right solutions for their needs.

Finch entered the OMR site in early 2021 in the search engine advertising (SEA) and Amazon PPC categories. And in Q3 2021, was named a leader in both categories.

OMR names category leaders every quarter based on independent company reviews of participating providers’ software.

OMR software reviews leader badgesFinch clients who’ve reviewed Finch on OMR Reviews to date have given Finch reviews of:

  • 8.9 out of 10 for user-friendliness
  • 8.9 out of 10 for meeting user requirements
  • 9.2 out of 10 for ease of setup

Independent reviews from Finch clients on OMR Reviews include:

“Google, Bing, and Amazon campaigns can be optimized with one tool.”

“Finch makes working with Google AdWords a lot easier for us. Time savings of 90%.”

“The ideal tool to optimize the ROI of PPC.”

Finch thanks clients for their reviews and is honored to help eCommerce client companies worldwide grow their revenues.

Visit Finch’s page on OMR to read what clients say about Finch and to offer your own review of working with Finch. Or contact Finch or visit the Finch Advertising Management Platform to discover how Finch can help you grow your eCommerce business.