Finch is pleased to now support Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns. Amazon Sponsored Brands let a brand manufacturer take more control over how users interact with its brand on Amazon. Sponsored Brands are keyword-targeted ads displayed on the top of search results on Amazon. They’re available for professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry or sell on Amazon as vendors.

Why is this great news? Sponsored Brand ads offer two significant benefits: 

1. Prominent Exposure of Your Brand

Unlike Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and a selection of products. These ads appear on the top of the page, the most prominent ad space on Amazon.

2. Less Competition

Sponsored Brands currently make up 20 to 30% of Amazon’s overall advertising spend. The good news for brands is this is currently in a less competitive environment and sellers who enroll early are seeing great results.

Finch provides a complete solution for managing both Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products using automation, optimization, reporting, and expansion. Finch integrates Amazon data into Insights reporting to provide both high-level summary data about Amazon performance and exclusive low-level reporting around products, categories, price tiers, stock status, and more. Finch also supports management of Amazon Sponsored Display through the Finch Strategic Services team as well as reporting through Insights reporting.