As part of the expansion of the Bing Partner Program, Microsoft named Finch as one of a group of key partners to act as trusted advisors to its growing customer base for search advertising opportunities with the Bing Network.

Finch has dramatically changed the face of paid search by pioneering a new way to manage the channel using a programmatic approach. Geared for continual performance, Finch’s adaptable technology learns and improves as it works.

“We offer a completely different paid search experience,” says Bjorn Espenes, Finch co-Founder and CEO. “Adding Bing just enhances our clients reach to capture revenues from the Bing network.”

Search, which makes up 52% of all digital advertising spend, is a core area of investment along with shopping and mobile for Finch clients.

Finch is already in the top 5% of Google agencies as a Premier Partner and was awarded the Best Shopping Performance 2016. Now as a Select Partner to Bing Ads, the world’s number two search advertising provider, Finch will continue to expand the expertise and service provided to clients through its full-service solution, programmatic approach, and proprietary technology.

“We initially tested a soft launch with Bing and a chosen group of clients. They’ve all seen positive growth and added benefit” says Jason Lowry, Finch’s COO.

“We look forward to expanding our clients search and shopping offerings to include Bing,” says Bjorn. “It just shows that we are constantly working to increase value, offer the same great performance, and provide better exposure for our clients. We will expand Bing to our markets as fast as Bing does.”

Since the soft-launch with Bing search, a third of the Finch client base have added Bing to their solutions. Bing currently owns nearly one-third of the desktop search market share in the US, more than 20% in the UK, and more than 10% in five additional markets.