Finch is excited to announce that it has earned the Premier Google Partner badge! 

What exactly is the significance of this badge? The Premier Google Partner badge distinguishes top agencies that have a solid track record managing significant Google Ads investments for clients while focusing on client growth. The badge makes it easier for advertisers to identify partners with experience managing large, complex campaigns, such as Finch. 

To qualify for Premier status Finch met the following requirements:

  1. Created and completed a partner company profile. this was easy, since Finch has been a Google Partner for many years.
  2. Passed Google Ads certification in the Google Partners programGoogle’s requirement is two or more affiliated members. More than 90% of Finch’s global team are Google Ads certified! In fact, most employees have passed at least two certifications. 
  3. Demonstrated agency performance by delivering strong client growth. 

What’s Next?

In the near future, Google will be launching Company Specializations, which will make it easier for advertisers to identify agencies with specialized skills. Specializations recognize agencies with expertise in five different specializations: Search, Shopping, Display, Mobile, and Video. Based on the product knowledge demonstrated by Finch, the new dynamic badge will show specializations in Shopping, Search, and Mobile.

Finch is thrilled to be recognized by Google as a Premier Partner. We work very hard to keep our relationship with Google strong as it is a huge benefit to our clients. Keep an eye out for the new badge!