First Annual EU Customer Awards


FINCH recently hosted the 3rd European Client Summit in Dublin, Ireland. During the event, we gave out awards to companies whose work with FINCH shows promising development. These awards are for customers who showcase collaboration, productivity, and performance. The FINCH awards also reflect a partnership that results from our unique collaboration. We’re proud to offer these awards to those who have adapted with the FINCH platform.

finch customer awards


We at FINCH treasure our customers, all in equal measure. But each customer experience a unique development throughout our partnership. Our collaborative efforts reflect success in many ways. Thus, we wanted to take the opportunity to award three customers’ unique and notable history with FINCH. We’re excited to announce the following awards!


GORILLA SPORTS, winner of the ADAPTION Award


gorilla sportsGORILLA SPORTS brings the perfect combination of confidence and innovation to everything they do. They were an early adopter of each product FINCH  had to offer. And, they continued trusting us with each evolution of our technology. Gorilla Sports is a firm believer in the FINCH approach to full-funnel optimization. We thank them for their innovative approach to paid media channels. And for their continued confidence in our technology.

LIQUI MOLY, winner of the GROWTH Award 


liqui molly


LIQUI MOLY comes from a very traditional industry where digital media is underestimated. Yet, within the last few years, LIQUI MOLY has given FINCH all its trust and has their growth speaks for itself. They took a massive step with digital marketing last year. Consequently, they experienced impressive growth. We’d like to both thank them for trusting us with their paid media campaigns. But mostly, we congratulate them for their massive success!



volksversand versand apotheke

We’re delighted that VOLKSVERSAND VERSANDAPOTHEKE has decided, again, to work with FINCH! Our paths have crossed many times throughout the last decade–and well into 2018-2019. VOLKSVERSAND VERSANDAPOTHEKE continues to use our proven automation technology. Additionally, they achieve success and unprecedented results. We heartily welcome them back in the FINCH family!