Clients often have a strong resistance to pay Google for their own brand names.  “Why pay when I can get it for free via SEO” is a common question.  There are many reasons you want to include your branded terms:

  • It is frequently the most effective keywords in terms of both cost and volume.
  • Competitors are buying your branded terms, so you will likely be #1 because of Quality Score and allocation due to performance.
  • When people do searches, some click on organic results, some on paid results, and some on both. You want all clicks as long as they are profitable clicks.
  • Studies have shown that being above position #5 for both SEO and PPC gives you a 3.3 times chance, or better, of getting the click.
  • The bottom line is this:  It’s about getting the click, not if you pay or not -- Finch makes sure the click is profitable.

For more information on this topic, See this Search Engine Land case study that shows improvement with and loss without branded terms being purchased.

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