Online advertising is constantly changing and we are here to help you stay on top of all these changes. We just held the first Customer Success Webinar for 2014, full of information on the ways we are helping you optimize your account and the many changes Google has made to AdWords.


Here’s a quick summary of the topics we covered, but you can listen to the whole webinar with the video below.

Profit is the ultimate outcome for eCommerce companies
At Finch, we are focused on one thing: maximizing your revenue and profit through AdWords. Many of our customers have already made the shift from a cost per acquisition (CPA) model to a cost of revenue (CPV) model. However, for most businesses with variable profit margins we know that the best way to optimize your AdWords account is to use Profit. By focusing all optimization efforts on profit, we can focus all of your budget on the keywords that maximize your profit.

Expanding Keyword coverage
You lose 100% of auctions you do not compete in. Having keyword coverage that most accurately represents your entire product catalog is the best way to grow your market and reach more potential customers. We help you by connecting directly to your product catalog and by continually adding the keywords that bring you customers.

Remarketing for Search
Remarketing for Search is a way of targeting people who have been on your site previously, but who then later search again for something that you offer. The first stage of setting up RFS is to implement profiles for different potential audiences who have been to your site. As a general best practice, we will normally start with broad groups, such as any visitor on your site, and then work through your sales funnel all the way to past customers. Depending on your sales funnel, you might define anywhere from 3-5 different groups of site visitors based on this criteria.

Product Listing Ads (PLAs)
PLAs are the best way for you to own more of the search results page, stealing attention from your competitors and becoming more appealing to your customers. As with much of PPC management, Finch takes a different approach when it comes to PLA’s. We find that most eCommerce businesses tend to set up their PLA’s in such a way that their products are either grouped in one single large group, or broken down into broad categories for bidding purposes. At Finch, we split out your product feed and then bid individually on each and every one of your products. This helps to ensure your ad spend is being used where it will generate the most revenue for you.

Changes at google:

Image Extensions
Google has publicly announced the new Image Extensions, which adds your images to ads. They are still in beta, but we are working with a few customers to get early access.

AdRank updates
Google recently made updates to the AdRank algorithm that factors in ad extensions, increasing AdRank for enabled and relevant extensions. AdRank not only gives you better positions, it also lowers your actual cost per click and makes it much more expensive for your competitors to acquire the same customer.

AdRank is one of the most important factors in AdWords success and the best way to influence AdRank is through your Quality Score. At Finch we have developed the right technology and processes to help you attain the very best possible Quality Score for each of the keywords in your account.

Watch the full webinar here.

If you have questions about any of these topics, please reach out to us and we will discuss it with you. If you are not yet taking advantage of everything Finch has to offer you, sign up for a free AdWords audit and we will tell you exactly how you can take advantage of these new Google features.



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