Recently our own Bjorn Espenes sat down with Murray Newlands at Search Engine Journal and shared important tips for getting the most out of your AdWords campaigns.

If you regularly follow Finch, you know we talk about these tips frequently because they work:

  • Buy profit or revenue from AdWords, not clicks! For online merchants it’s important to shift your thinking away from buying clicks to buying the outcome you desire from the clicks. Ideally that outcome is profit, but minimally you should capture and optimize for revenue. (starts at :40 in the video)
  • Continually add Exact Match keywords to your keyword bank. Exact Match terms have a long list of benefits for your AdWords account. These benefits include higher click-through-rate (which benefits your Quality Score), lower CPC, and ultimately improved AdRank. (at 1:11 in the video)
  • Implement all ad extensions and parameters. Ad extensions give you more opportunities to interact with your customers, help you differentiate your ads, and give you more page real estate. (at 2:16)
  • Enable remarketing for Search. It’s a gift to search engine marketers! Customers who have spent time on your site convert differently than those who have never visited. Remarketing Lists for Search give you the information you need to bid more accurately for those users who have been to your site previously. (at 3:24)
  • Get actionable information out of your AdWords account by isolating keywords and ads. Optimize your ads for individual keywords instead of grouping them together into Ad Groups. Combining keywords into groups makes it impossible to understand the impact of ad and keyword changes. (4:56)

Want to see exactly how Finch could help your AdWords efforts? Sign up for a free AdWords audit and we will review these tips using examples from your account.



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