As part of our free audit, we do an analysis on all of your keywords in all of your campaigns.

Then using charts we show what percentage we would:

AdWords audit

  • Raise the Max CPC (green)
  • Lower the Max CPC (red)
  • No Change (yellow)
  • Disable (black)

As a general rule, we typically see some red and some green in the chart. Again, as a general rule, red shows that there are opportunities for cost savings. In other words, you’re paying too much and wasting money.

Green shows opportunities for growth meaning you’re currently underbidding on these keywords, and if you dial in the bids, your clicks and conversions should go up.

Black shows the keywords that we would disable. Typically this is because you have spent too much for those keywords with nothing to show for it.

When you sign up with Finch, we reallocate the savings from the red and black to the green; hence, more conversions at a lower cost.

In the example above, you’ll notice a pretty good distribution of green and red, meaning the potential client has an opportunity to both grow and save money. Typically the red and green is a nice 60/40, 50/50, or 40/60 split. There are other times where either the red or green starts to exceed 60%, and the opportunity for growth or cost savings becomes more obvious.

In the next example, you can see that the potential client is just underbidding on all of their keywords. Lots of opportunity for them - if they are willing to increase their maximum CPCs.

Finally, in this last example, you’ll see that the opportunity for cost savings is fairly obvious. I think you’re catching on at this point.

One point that may not be fairly obvious is that every opportunity for cost savings is really a growth opportunity, because it means that the money you’re saving can be applied toward something else that’s working.

What will we find in your audit? Sign up today! It takes only 30 seconds and you’ll learn a lot!

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