An audit of your AdWords account should provide you with actionable data that you can act on. If you are considering working with someone to help optimize your AdWords campaigns, an audit should answer the majority of your questions up front.


Finch always does free PPC audits before we accept working with new clients. We pioneered the audit in the industry and are now seeing many of our competitors offer cheap knock-offs. Competitors typically offer a checklist of best practices for the creative part such as quality score, Headline, Site links, right display URL, etc. We actually analyze your data from ALL of your keywords and show you what we would do differently to get better results. Whether you ultimately decide to subscribe to Finch, the audit provides you with invaluable information regarding the data in your account.

The audit also provides Finch with the information we need before we can take you on as a client. We are in the optimization business and don’t do the “manage your AdWords account without commitment to positive ROI” approach.

We need to conduct a PPC audit for two reasons:

  1. To validate that we can have a positive ROI to grow your business
  2. To show you what we will do and why before we start

As you are investigating potential vendors, here are a few things you should learn from your PPC audit:

  • Are my campaigns structured for best performance and segmented by Search and Display, Language, and Location?
  • Are my ad groups organized in a way that can positively impact click through rates?
  • Are my keyword max CPCs managed in a way that improves conversions as well as reduces costs?
  • Are my conversion tracking scripts installed and configured correctly?
  • Am I optimizing my campaigns for the most value for my business (CPA vs. CPV vs. CPP)?
  • Can I view separate audits for my Search and Display campaigns?

An audit can tell you how your vendor will make changes to the management of your AdWords account based on past performance. It will not give you exact performance gains going forward, because there are too many uncontrolled variables that impact the changes that will be made.

Finch introduced a new, interactive audit last month and has seen a huge acceptance from our incoming clients. Initially we were concerned about providing too much information in the audit (delivered online within 1-2 business days) but have since learned that our clients are very hungry to understand the details of their campaigns that impact the sales and profitability from their AdWords spend.

Here are a few samplings from our new Audit.

It takes only 30 seconds to register for your audit:


The data origin screen shows you what the audit includes; which accounts/campaigns, the Network (search/display), the domain, and the number of keywords with clicks.

The Audit details:

This slider wheel shows the finest level of bidding detail of the Audit. On a keyword by keyword level, we show you the changes we will make and why. The objective is to show you how re-allocating your budget will help drive costs down (per conversion or per revenue dollar) while total conversions (or revenues) will increase.

In addition, the Finch audit shows you how and why we will structure campaigns and ad groups to gain better data to help your performance.

Choosing a partner/vendor to help drive your business performance from your Google AdWords budget is a big deal, and our approach helps you get comfortable with managing the unknown. We cannot remove the risk entirely, but we can show you all the changes we will make and explain why before you decide. Want to know what we can do for you? Visit www.finch.com to learn more.

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