Finch Website

The English portion of the Finch website recently got a facelift to improve some design aspects of the site as well as help people more easily understand why finch is different - and how our differences produce better results.


We worked with industry expert Tim Ash with SiteTuners. Tim is the authority on website landing page optimization. The Finch product obviously works best in conjunction with a website that converts well, and a website review with Tim and SiteTuners can help fix some of the most common problems. You can read more about SiteTuners on our partner page.

In addition to enhancing the look and feel of the site, we updated the navigation to help you find things more quickly and we included additional content. The new content focuses on what we feel are the main differentiators behind Finch; namely:

  1. Cost per Value (CPV) - The revolutionary PPC model that focuses on the VALUE of conversions, not just the number of them.
  2. Finchbot ™ Intelligent Automation - The intelligence that powers Finch’s pay per click management.
  3. Complementary Audit - We use your past data to show you what we would do differently to optimize your campaigns - all at our expense to prove what we can do before you sign up.
  4. Different business model - Finch doesn’t function like a typical PPC company; there is no long term contract, no software to download, and no start-up costs.

Feel free to provide feedback about the changes to the English site via the contact forms.

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