Finch - the perfect aftermarket accessory to boost your PPC performance

The aftermarket automotive parts is big business - estimated as a $257 B industry in the US alone. Why? Because people like to customize the look of their cars and improve the performance above what the original manufacturer provides.

Some people like to change the style to express their unique personality. Others like to add a utilitarian feature like a rack for carrying equipment for their favorite outdoor activity.

And there are those individuals who upgrade their cars to squeeze out every extra bit of performance. For example, lighter wheels, high-performance tires, ceramic brakes - and of course the infamous nitrous oxide boost. 

Adwords makes it easy to get your online advertising up and running. It runs reliably and performs well, but there are circumstances where you want to customize it.


Adwords offers customization through the use of their ad extensions. For example, showing your closest location to your customers or providing additional product information - like pricing or a picture in your ad. These extensions change the look and add new utility features.

But when you’re really serious about improving your AdWords performance, then you need to get Finch. Finch is the aftermarket solution that automates the bidding process to focus on earning the most revenue.

Ask yourself, if you were racing against your competition and there was an easy, effective, and affordable solution that would help you win, you would try it, right? Guess what? You are racing against your competition. You’re competing daily for position, clicks, and on cost. Finch is the solution to get ahead of your competitors!

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