Finch can save you money on PPC management, but typically marketing departments are given monthly PPC budgets and are expected to spend all that they have been allocated. For example, if Finch cuts your costs from $50,000 to $35,000, then your boss might wonder why you didn't spend all $50,000.
Let's think of this savings like a dividend reinvestment. If you invest in certain stocks that perform well, then you are given a dividend that can be sent to you as a check. Or, you can choose another option: apply this dividend toward the purchase of more stock.
With Finch, you can pocket your cost savings. Or, if you have a predefined budget, you can spend your entire budget by applying the savings towards getting additional conversions.

So in our example, we'll decrease costs to $35,000 and then reinvest the savings of $15,000. You'll still be spending the pre-allocated $50,000, but you'll get 30% or more conversions.
In the end, it’s about profitable growth. You can choose to cut costs and decrease your budget, but if you know that every conversion is profitable, tell the boss to get rid of the $50,000 imposed budget entirely and quit limiting your growth.

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