We are often asked, "How do you perform for the average client?" It is a question that the Finch team is hesitant to answer, because we know the response to our metrics will be, "Right!" and disbelief.


The last time we did the analysis was after the first 6 months of having clients, and on average, we increased volume (conversions or revenues) by 67% and reduced cost per conversion/revenues by 56%. Our sales team usually discounted those numbers by 50% to not sound like the usual over-promising used car salesman. I get it.


A few weeks ago we decided to run this analysis again in order to have fresh data and to see if we have been getting better or worse since last time. We took our last 10 clients that have been with us for at least 30 days, and we ran an analysis that compared the 30 days before they switched to Finch to the first 30 days with Finch. The results included a 111% increase in volume (conversion/revenues) and a 32% drop in cost per conversion/revenues. Our number 1 sales rep said, "Right, not gonna share that with anyone." I get that one too.

Truth is, when you take a PPC campaign that has multiple variables that impact performance, add thousands of keywords, add daily changes by competitors and demand metrics, you have a situation that is extremely data intensive and complex to manage. Finch has a fully automated, but managed (Finch experts tweak and manage performance), cloud service for PPC. Once you use consistent data flow and a firm data model, you will always outperform manually managed performance that is driven by emotions, opinions, various experience, personalities, etc. Still not sure? Run an audit with us and we will show you what we will do differently and why.

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