How do you handle seasonality in your Google AdWords account? During this holiday season, many online advertisers are worrying about missing out on the increased revenues that could be available and are asking the question of what to do.

This is a lot easier than you may think. First of all, you need to increase your daily max budget to make sure you capture the increased demand.


One of two things may happen for you:

  1. Your conversion rate stays the same, and search volume goes up.
  2. Your conversion rate increases with seasonality, and search volume goes up.

What to do in the above scenarios?

With #1, you only need to make sure you increase your daily max budget to make sure you can capture all the increased demand. Nothing else is changing, and your profitability should remain the same.

In the #2 scenario your profitability increases (from increased conversion rates), and you may want to allocate your profits to get more competitive by increasing the Max CPCs accordingly for the time period with increased conversion rates. You can find the change in conversion rates by looking at your recent history. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, you need to make sure you have sufficient advertising budget (daily max budget) available in your account to capture all of the revenues you can have at this cost.

Enjoy the increased revenues and profits from the increases in demand that the holiday season brings. Just make sure to adjust the Max CPCs according to conversion rate changes, and don't lose out on revenues because Google stops showing your ads in peak shopping hours because you ran out of budget!

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