• Why is Finch different than a digital marketing agency; what makes Finch different than digital marketing tools or Google Ads/Analytics?

    Finch is different from a marketing agency in that we specialize in only paid media. We've also developed a unique platform that uses AI and Machine Learning to automate and optimize everything that can be in terms of paid media campaigns. Agencies try to solve the complexity of paid media by throwing more people at the problem. Or by using tools designed for agencies to make their jobs easier. We are different from a tool because tools rely heavily on the expertise and time of the person using the tool to get great results. The Finch platform is capable of scaling your digital marketing performance beyond what is humanly possible--even with the most astute team. In turn, because of the Finch platform's prowess, it sustains your campaign performance over any amount of time you use it.

  • I already have a digital marketing agency--will the Finch platform fully replace them?

    Yes, but it depends upon your goals. The Finch platform optimizes and scales all paid media optimization for each of our customers. Many digital agencies can manage your paid media spend, strategy, and creative. However, they cannot offer the level of automated performance the Finch platform offers. Furthermore, it makes no sense to have an agency and a platform simultaneously run your paid media campaigns. We will only work with customers who let us exclusively manage their paid media. However, if you want to outsource your company's look and brand to an agency, that's fine; we're not an agency. We're a paid media automation and optimization platform.

  • How much does the Finch platform cost to use?

    Our pricing is customized and based on your individual needs. Contact us today.

  • Does the Finch platform work across global markets?

    Absolutely. With multiple offices around the world, you can use the Finch platform in virtually any market in which you sell. Our Customer Success Management (CSM) team is available around the clock to assist you with account questions and strategies. Our experts are fluent in multiple languages. Please contact us for more specific questions you may have.

  • Can I do a trial or test run of the Finch platform?

    We are happy to offer a free audit of any of your Google, Bing, or Amazon Advertising accounts. The audit demonstrates the changes and impacts you can expect by using the Finch platform. However, we are not able to offer any "trial" or "test run." Paid media is a complex undertaking and campaign improvements tend to accrue over longer periods of time than just one month. Additionally, we believe that becoming a Finch customer is the best way to experience long term growth and sustained performance.

  • How often will I meet with my Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

    We're proud to offer a flexible approach to our level of engagement with customers in order to best meet their needs. Communication with your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) will take place both via email, as well as scheduled calls. During the initial launch process, we'll be in frequent contact with you as your campaigns are rebuilt and begin to accrue new performance history. After the Finch platform makes adjustments to your campaign goals, the contact frequency with your CSM will depend upon your needs. We'll work out an agreeable schedule for contact based on your goals, strategies, and campaign volume. Additionally, you can always reach your CSM for any reason outside of the normal meeting schedule. We're here to help you succeed.

  • What does the Finch platform automate? How does it utilize AI/machine learning?

    The Finch platform automates every aspect of your campaign that you have manually managed. The Finch platform's algorithms help it make real-time bid adjustments, create device and audience segmentation, ensure keyword expansion, monitor performance relative to your goals, and much more. The Finch platform updates your campaigns on a daily basis in light of your most recent performance. It leverages AI/machine learning via computational algorithms that help it "decide" how to drive up your quality score and fine-tune performance for your ideal targets. The end result is a full-funnel digital marketing orchestration of all your paid media efforts. Imagine having a team of thousands of the world's best paid media experts running your campaigns daily. The Finch platform is more powerful than that.

  • In order to get a free audit from Finch, what kind of account access do I need to grant the platform? Is privacy guaranteed?

    We require admin-level access to Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Amazon Advertising accounts. Our audit utilizes our proprietary API to show you impactful, actionable information based on your historical data. We are a Premier Google Partner, Bing Elite Partner, and an accredited Amazon Advertising Partner. We audit hundreds of accounts per year and guarantee your security. Also, we will never touch your account or make any change during the audit. We are also happy to offer NDAs to further protect sensitive information for our customers.

  • Can you guarantee data security during Audits? Does Finch comply with GDPR?

    Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant and take data security and privacy issues very seriously. Our API encryptions guarantee your information will never be shared with a third party, during the audit or while utilizing the Finch platform.

  • If I work with Finch, will I still own my campaigns and accounts?

    Yes, always! Your data is very valuable to you. You will always own your accounts and campaigns. We never take ownership over our customers' data or campaigns.

  • How quickly will I see results after using the Finch platform?

    The majority of our customers see results in less than one month. Results always vary among customers due to the uniqueness of campaign history, spend, and a litany of other factors. From the moment you begin utilizing the Finch platform, it immediately determines campaign weaknesses and makes the necessary adjustments for improvement.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to start using the Finch platform (monthly spend, conversion rates, etc.)?

    In order for our platform's algorithms to automate and optimize your campaigns, we require that your historical data show a minimum of at least one conversion per day. Additionally, your minimum monthly ad spend needs to be at least $10K/month to become a Finch customer.

  • What kind of businesses typically become Finch customers?

    Any business that views paid media as a critical piece of their revenue model generally makes an excellent Finch customer. We typically work with lead gen companies, businesses that sell large amounts of product online and who have a high SKU count. However, we're always open to anyone who thinks the Finch platform would be a good fit for their needs. We work with in-house marketing teams, small and large businesses, even additional digital marketing agencies who need help scaling their customers' business.

  • Why should I work with Finch?

    Finch exists to help companies who've realized that paid media is complex. We empower customers to leverage automation and insights for optimized and sustained paid media performance. We place our technology in your hands to even the playing field in paid media. Whether you utilize Google, Bing, or Amazon, (or all three), our platform takes your paid media performance to a level that is beyond humanly-possible to achieve. Our platform simplifies the manual lever-pulling and adjustments, letting you focus on driving strategy and making decisions. Daily insights, actionable data, optimized execution, and unprecedented scale: that's the Finch way.

  • How do you define performance metrics?

    We optimize your campaigns according to the specific, measurable performance goals that matter most to your business. Many customers optimize for Cost-Per-Value (CPV), Cost-Per-Aquisition (CPA), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). But we aren't the ones who define performance goals; we believe that you know your business better than anyone else. We work with each customer to establish the unique goals that define success for their company.

  • Are there any resources Finch needs from me to start?

    All we require is access to your historical campaign data. Additionally, we'll rely on you to provide the in-depth knowledge of your business' inner workings so we can help you achieve your goals.

  • What does it take to launch the Finch platform?

    After you launch, the Finch platform builds out new campaigns in its proprietary single keyword ad group structure. The platform begins expanding keywords, driving up your quality score, fine-tuning performance for your set targets, making real-time bid adjustments and much more. We've also programmed the platform to simultaneously pause your existing campaigns in their current state before using the Finch platform. This process also eliminates any downtime--you begin scaling and optimizing immediately. As a courtesy, all of your existing campaigns are left in-tact and forever paused in their original state. This strategy allows you to remain in control of your existing campaign data, should you choose to no longer use the Finch platform. You'll be able to revert back to your exact settings and performance that you had before utilizing our software.

  • Does Finch require me to sign a contract to begin work?

    We do not require any contracts. We offer a month-to-month agreement and ask that you provide us with a 30-day cancellation notice, if you ever decide to leave.

  • What advertising platforms does Finch support?

    The Finch platform supports your paid media channels across Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Amazon Advertising.