Technical Requirements

What kind of access does Finch require to run an Audit report?

Finch requires MCC access to run an Audit report.

Finch can link to a client’s AdWords account by asking the client for their AdWords Customer ID number. We then submit an invitation to the client asking for permission to link to their account.

Each direct AdWords account can be linked to up to 5 MCCs, so there should normally be room for Finch.

Occasionally Finch invites the top MCC of a client. It is only possible to have one MCC link to a top account (i.e. another MCC account).

It is not technically possible for a client to invite Finch to access and manage their account.

Do I need to implement something to get the Finch campaigns running?

Yes. For example, if you use Webtrends, Omniture, or Speedtrap, you need to install Google Conversion Tracking since Finch uses this to track performance This also provides you with a vendor independent data set for your paid search campaigns for future needs.  For instructions on how to insert this, please visit

How long does it take to go live after a free Finch Audit?

It depends on the complexity of the campaigns, but on average, clients go live within 2 business days after the audit is accepted, the subscription agreement is accepted, and the payment information is entered.

How long does it take to see a difference in the campaign performance once Finch is live?

Usually you see a significant impact or shift within two weeks after the live date. More than 90% of clients see a significant impact within the first month.